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Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

Inspired by the tireless work of Paul and Robbin Moulds, The Pure Collective has co-created a pilot program with them called “Symbols of Hope”. A community driven scholarship program to empower people who have fallen through gaps in the system.  


Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

This scholarship will be offered initially as an enhancement to the core support services provided by the Asylum Seeker Project run by the The Salvation Army in Auburn. The longer term goal is to expand this pilot program to eventually be open to broader categories of marginalised and disadvantaged groups within our society, across the different social businesses that make up The Pure Collective.

The scholarship will include a hospitality training program, which can prepare students for employment and provides the ability to work and earn an income in hospitality. This will allow them to support the pursuit of longer term career aspirations or further education. Participants will also have  access to a wide range of additional activities and services offered through the broader Pure Collective community 

The hospitality training program will be centred at Gratia Cafe and Folonomo Restaurant in Surry Hills and Symbol Cafe in North Sydney, with a dedicated trainer to oversee learning at these venues and educate participants about workplace expectations to help prepare them for employment. The program provides housing, basic needs, travel costs, food, uniforms and footwear, along with access to other classes and services.


Photo Credit: Lucy Alcorn

The Pure Collective was proud to host the first and original pilot program participants and is proud to support the more formal expansion of this innovative, empowerment program.


As part of our impact model, we donate 100% of profits to a range of causes and programs. This includes direct impact by customers and other  philanthropic initiatives like Symbols of Hope, through The Pure Foundation and partners like The Salvation Army Auburn.


With our profits this year we have made the commitment to co-fund the Symbols of Hope program.

For more information please find below two page summary of the pilot program:

We are extremely grateful to program partners Paul Moulds and the Salvation Army Auburn and major co-funding partners:

Planet Wheeler Foundation

Charter Hall

Shark Island Institute

The Sky Foundation

The Pure Foundation

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