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Welcome to GRATIA’s personalised barista training courses. We have three courses, where each is a customised learning experience delivered by our café manager. 

The fully equipped café space and one-to-one training will provide you with the best learning experience and in-depth, practical skills that you can take with you anywhere.

The entire profit from each of the three courses will be donated to the School for Life Foundation.

A not-for-profit organisation, building and operating schools in rural Uganda.


50% of the Ugandan population is under 14 years old,

and only 3 in 10 primary school students finish school.

The School for Life Foundation is building their third school to educate 400 primary school students in the Mbazzi community to help turn these statistics around.


We believe 

that education is the greatest way to pave a brighter future for all children, no matter where they live, what their circumstances are or what challenges they may face.


Barista Basics ($130)

The course is designed to teach the fundamental skills. It is suitable for aspiring baristas but also for someone who needs a refresher on the basics of barista training, the taste of Australian coffee drinkers, and the ins and outs of operating the coffee machine.

What you will learn? 

Coffee station set up

Brew ratio

Dosing and distribution

Tamping and brewing

Grind and extraction

Milk texturing and pouring

Coffee machine cleaning

Latté Art ($100) 

This course is designed to improve your milk texturing techniques and to develop your own style. It is suitable for baristas or hospitality staff of all levels.

This 2 hour course will help you to:

- master the art of consistent silky milk.

- position the jag, spin the milk and control the temperature, to develop the perfect pouring techniques

Practice session ($90)

This course is designed to help novice baristas and hospitality staff to develop the confidence to perform well in a cafe trial and also in busy cafes. 

Do you need more time to refine your technique?

This 60 min course gives you the flexibility to spend more time at the machine, to perfect your skills and improve your confidence.

Our trainer

Screenshot 2018-05-08 22.58.52.png

Our trainer, Silvia, represents the heart and soul of what Gratia stands for. A passionate and dedicated coffee enthusiast and barista, she is committed to using her skills to empower others. On a personal level, she inspires the Gratia community every day, with her commitment to supporting great causes that address poverty through the provision of education in low income countries.


Silvia was inspired to deliver personalised coffee training sessions at Gratia, after realising that there was a gap in the barista training market that focused on the intricate details to help aspiring baristas develop the skills and knowledge to produce coffee that is unique to their style and meets every customer's expectations. 


Her course is not about spending a few hours in a busy class, just to receive a certificate which doesn’t promise you anything.

Instead it is a one-on-one experience focusing on the little details that matter. The details that change a customer's experience for the better and  enable you, as a barista, to flourish in your career.


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