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Ame Catering is built on the simple belief that we all live in an interconnected world, where every action can symbolise an act of gratitude, empathy and compassion.  We wanted to build a way for customers to have an even more direct connection to the impact they were having and empower them to choose their impact.





At Gratia healthy, delicious food, makes it easy to be satisfied and also be kind to your body. The menu designed by Vinnicius Oliviera. Our catering menu is both visually stunning and nutritious at the same time. Gratia’s passion is for “slow  food”. We deeply care about the future of small scale farmers, their produce, the taste and flavour they bring to life. Our cafe provides fresh, organic and local products in sustainable, recycled and biodegradeable packaging.




By simply enjoying a breakfast, lunch or even just a coffee at Gratia, you allow the cafe to help those in need.  Bringing smiles to other people’s faces is what Symbol aim to do, and our team believe than together we can make a difference.


With every item purchased you receive a bouncing ball so you can actively nominate the impact of your choice.





Gratia is a member of The Pure Collective, a passionate team of people, a group of social enterprises and a philanthropic Foundation.

Every organisation within the collective is aiming to find creative ways of fostering gratitude and empathy in our day-to-day lives.


Since 2015, the group has served over 100,000 customers, helped generate donations for over 80 charities, helped to provide practical training for over 57 refugees and long term unemployed people.




In addition to donating 100% of our profits we wanted you to be part of our impact selection process. Each time you order a coffee, a salad or any items or our menu you can choose what's important for you.

to a hungry Australian student

It may surprise you to know that 1 in 8 Australian school children arrive at school hungry everyday. This effects concentration, conduct and their ability to get through a full day of learning. Many of these children come from low income and often disadvantaged backgrounds and may not be getting proper nutrition at home either. Eat Up is a small grass roots organisation that is working to change that. By empowering their huge volunteer community and leveraging donations of produce, they are able to keep overhead costs to an absolute minimum and have produced thousands of lunches. 

and help offset carbon

with rescued food

Climate change effects everyone. Rising water levels in our oceans, extreme weather events, increases in food costs, acidification of our oceans, destruction of wildlife and unique treasures like our Great Barrier Reef and so many other direct damaging impacts on our eco-system. By choosing this option you are helping us reduce the carbon footprint of the building by offsetting carbon in our atmosphere. Did you know that just the electricity used in the common spaces of 65 Berry street creates a carbon footprint in excess of 68 Tonnes of carbon a month. With your help we have the potential to offset 50% of that or more.

Did you know we waste $20Bn worth of food as a country each year? We have partnered with the amazing team at OzHarvest who take rescued food and repurpose it to feed the country’s most vulnerable. This includes a huge focus on trying to feed the countries homeless, whilst also building innovative solutions like the "donate what you want" OzHarvest Market and addressing education of the next generation of young Australians through their Feast program. The idea that there are an estimated 100,000 people who are homeless in a country wasting so much food is something we simply don't understand. Oz Harvest we do.


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